• AMG has a new format for our monthly meetings. More time is spent in our jam session and less time conducting business. Club updates and business issues are now done via email leaving more time for music. Bringing the club to order a brief over view of the agenda will be discussed so members present are brought up to date. The subjects of discussion, such as upcoming gigs or items which require members votes, can be read via email for active club members only. So you must be current with a valid email address.

  • Some of our members are available to perform as independents. If you are interested in hiring one of our performers they can be contacted by clicking on their name under the member drop down box. Just click on the artists name and look in their bio for contact information. If contact info is not listed you can use our contact option and we will gladly pass along your request.

  • To view pictures of our events and hear clips of our artists please use our album page.