Jeanne Morris

Jeanne Morris

Born and raised in New Jersey, Jeanne is a vocalist who sang in church chorus into her pre-teens. Leaving after 3 years to sing at the folk mass at her church for 1 year. Upon entering high school she joined a band (which never acquired a band name during her time with them) and sang lead vocals till she relocated in 1973. She did not pursue music instead traveled. Taking up residence in several different states east of the Mississippi and experienced “life” before marrying and raising a family. She reunited with music with her husband Peter Morris around 2013/2014. Jeanne is a soloist and does lead vocal and harmony. She helps manage the music she does with her husband and is trying her hand at percussion instruments.  With her wide vocal range her music focus is on classic rock, country, folk, blues/jazz and so much more. She is currently involved with the band Paper Town Blues. The band members are Peter and Jeanne Morris, Rich Adams, John Stag (Steigerwald), and Gaylen Gallimore.

She also has been writing poetry throughout her lifetime and is now involved with writing lyrics both independently and with her husband Peter.

You can hear her at some of the local venues in her area, namely Ocean County Artist Guild, Bass River, Albert Music Hall, Caffrey’s Tavern, The Lamp Post, McIntyre’s, Cool Beans, Stay Gold Cafe & Lounge, Tara’s Tavern, Riv’s, Alba’s and Toms River Elks just to name a few. 


Paper Town Blues

Peter and Jeanne Acoustic Duo

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Jeanne and Linda Duo.